Current Account
Promotional Offer 1st Transfer fee FREE up to £10 for E Cash Remittances
Eligibility Newly registered E Cash customers at the Festival of Cricket (FOC) 07/07/2019 and thereafter up to three months.
Validity Offer is valid up to 07.10.2019
Conditions Precedent
  1. This offer applies to new customers only
  2. Maximum first remittance fee cannot exceed £10
  3. Any amount up to and including £5000 will exempt from the £10 transaction fee
  4. First transfer should be initiated within one month of the registration.
  5. New Customers must complete the E-cash registration process online or in branch
  6. New customers must satisfy the Banks Compliance and Due diligence procedures, which fall in line with UK law and regulations, set forth by our regulators. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulating Authority (PRA).
  7. All existing account holders are not eligible to participate in this offer